Medicare at 55 – Medicare for All

Currently, Medicare is for seniors 65 + or those on Social Security Disability for over 2 years. Although, that could be changing.  Lowering the age of Medicare eligibility is a possibility for all Americans. The proposed lowered age for Medicare would be at 55 years young.  Medicare at 55  The senior citizens of America have been blessed with […]

Virginia Legislature Votes To Expand Medicaid To 400,000 Low-Income Residents.

In the state of Virginia, members from both parties are celebrating the passage of legislation that has expanded Medicaid coverage to 400,000 economically disadvantaged residents, increasing coverage by 40 percent. Virginia has joined 32 other states in the U.S. and our nation’s Capitol in expanding Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, with the legislation […]

When Medicare Covers Assisted Living and Home Care

For the many seniors today who need assisted living or in home care services, one of the biggest questions they often have about home care is how they can afford it. The cost of home care is also something that many families have questions about when it comes to making sure that their loved ones […]

best medicare supplement plans

What are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans

The best Medicare supplement plans provide coverage of health services that standard Medicare doesn’t fund or only partially covers. It is supplied by commercial insurers rather than the government. You’ll need to choose a specific plan when signing up for supplemental coverage. Unless you live in Wisconsin, Minnesota or Massachusetts, you will have 10 standard […]

medicare supplement plan g

What is Medicare Supplement Plan G?

What is Medicare Supplement Plan G? With so many supplemental Medicare plans, understanding the ins and outs of each can be a challenge. Many people are familiar with plans A, B, and C, but don’t know as much about other supplemental plans like Plan G. This is one of the most popular supplement plans for […]